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T h e r m o d y n a m i c s

At Portland Waldorf High School - Taught by Mr. Miller - 2008

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Handout 1:
Safety Requirements
Handout 1.1:
Alternative Energy Research Project Instructions
Handout 1.2:
Links to articles and resources that may help with your alternative energy project...
Handout 2:
How to write up a lab
Handout 3:
Intro to the scientific method
Handout 4:
Think Like a Scientist
Handout 5:
Lab 1 - Sensation of Heat: Different Objects
Handout 6:
Heat Summary Notes
Handout 7:
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Handout 8:
Sample lab writeup - Ice Melting
Handout 9:
Thermal Conductivity Table
Handout 10:
Scientific Notation Review
Handout 11:
Scientific Notation Worksheet
Handout 12:
Linear Expansion Worksheet
Handout 13:
Temperature Scales Worksheet
Handout 14:
Handout 15:
Handout 16:
Water, the Great Anomaly
Handout 17:
Lab 7- Specific Heat
Handout 18:
Specific heat lab - Analysis
Handout 19:
Specific heat - Worksheet
Handout 20:
Specific heat - Table
Handout 21:
Latent Heat
Handout 22:
Science as Drama
Handout 23:
Study Guide




Links (offsite)


Virtual Labs and Simulations – just what it says, covers many topics (although there are some outdated links).  Nice for visualization!

Hyper Physics – Intermediate to advanced but still short explanations of many topics – good for definitions of things, reminders of formulas and basic principles.

Phase transition temperatures for every element - interactive chart.

Thermo-gel (Beyond Tomorrow segment - 8.5 minutes long)
The Air Car (Beyond Tomorrow segment - 8 minutes)
Wired Science: Fired Up (Firefighting Technology in Gresham, OR)


Resources (onsite)

Audio (right click to download):



Notes/Due Date:

Main lesson books are due tomorrow.
All worksheets are due tomorrow as well, and are available here:

Linear Expansion
Temperature Scales
Measuring Temperatures
Thermal Expansion
Absolute Zero
Transmission of Heat
Ice, Water, Steam Page 1, Page 2
Specific Heat

June 6th

1. Finish alternative energy paper and presentation.

2. Study your worksheets, quizzes, and labs for final exam on Wednesday.

June 5th

1. Work on your alternative energy project: paper and presentation.

2. Finish all labs.

3. Finish all worksheets.

Presentations and papers due monday.
June 4th

1. Completely finish Lab 8: Latent Heat, adding as much as you can from our in-class discusion. Use this handout on Latent Heat for help and a recap.

2. Try to complete the Ice, Water, Steam worksheet (page 1, page 2) and the Evaporation worksheet.

Project presentations on Monday.
June 3rd

1. Finish lab 8 graph and writeup through obsevations.

2. Finish the Transmission of Heat worksheet.

June 2nd
1. Finish the Specific Heat Worksheet  
May 30th

1. Finish Lab 7 - Specific Heat. Add analysis based on our in-class discusion today and the handout: Specific Heat
Specific heat table here.

2. Alternative energy project outline.

3. Review the engine and steam-engine handouts, including the "Tweak-it" page.

Alt. Energy project outlines due Monday.

Some people still need to turn in labs and worksheets!
May 29th

1. Lab 7 - through data and observations, including graph of data. For your graph, make sure of the following:

- time in seconds labeled on the X axis and fills the bulk of the available graphing space
- temperature in degrees Celsius is labeled on the Y axis and fills the bulk of the available graphing space
- your graph has an appropriate title at top (such as: Temperature vs. Time for Different Amounts of Oil and Water)
- each individual heating trial is plotted in a unique color
-you draw a 'best-fit' trendline (an average line) for each individual trial series, appropriately colored

2. Write and outline of your alternative energy project paper for MONDAY. Include a basic rundown in outline form of all your major points, in order. The purpose of this is that each outline point will turn into a sentence or a paragraph of your final paper.

Alt. Energy Project Outline due MONDAY.

Turn in late MLB labs 3-6 ASAP - you know who you are.
May 28th

1. Start lab 7: Specific Heat (Heating different amounts of water and oil) through procedures

2. Finish all labs and turn in 3-6 tomorrow.

MLB Check - Labs 3-6 tomorrow. Send to my email by tonight or print/write out and bring tomorrow.
May 27th

1. Finish Lab 6: Pressure and Temperature - Absolute Zero:
- Make sure you include the graph of our three data points for pressure and temperature.
- Make sure you include a definition of Pressure as Force/Area and explain what it is.
- Make sure you include in your analysis a brief relation of the two demonstrations: The Fire Syringe and the Collapsing Can to provide futher support and explanation of the relation between pressure and temperature.

There will be a main lesson book check for labs 2-6 on THURSDAY. This means you must email me your labs by Wednesday night or bring them to class Thursday. If you don't have access to a printer or to email, you will need to write them out and bring them.
May 23rd

1. Completely finish Lab 5 write-up: Metal Wand

2. Start Lab 6 write-up: Absolute Zero: Temperature and Pressure, through observations.

3. Read the Wired article for discussion on Monday.

4. Finish the Absolute Zero Worksheet

For those of you who have late assignments, make sure you finish them and turn them in on Tuesday (no school Monday!)
May 22nd

1. Study for the quiz tomorrow.

2. Finish Measuring Temperature Worksheet

3. Read Water, the Great Anomaly handout

4. Finish Thermal Expanson Worksheet

Quiz Tomorrow on Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Linear Expansion, and the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics.
May 21st

1. Lab write-up on How Heat Moves. You should be able to complete the full writeup for the convection demonstration.

2. Make sure you have at LEAST four resources for your alternative energy project.


May 20th

1. Finish the Temperature Worksheet

2. Come to class with a list of 4 resources that you are planning to use for your alternative energy project.

2. Make sure you are done with Lab 3.

May 19th

1. Finish Lab 3: The Effect of Heat on Different Objects (solids, liquids, and gases)

2. Finish the Scientific Notation Worksheet

3. Finish the Linear Expansion Worksheet

May 16th

1. Bring completed labs 1 and 2 to school on Monday for a check. (Or email them by Sunday night to me at spiritself @ gmail . com)

2. Start Lab 3 (Effect of Heat on Objects): title, intro/purpose, materials, procedures, and observations.

3. Continue researching your alternative energy project.

4. Bring in articles on alternative energy. global warming/climate change

May 15th

1. Finish Lab 2 (Ice-Melting Experiment) Lab Write-up

2. Read 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Handout

3. Continue gathering resources and reading about your alternative energy project.

May 13th

1. Finish lab 1 write-up. (Sensation of Heat: Different Objects)

2. Start lab 2 write-up: Ice-Melting Demonstration

3. Look for articles on alternative energy and climate change to share with the class.

May 12th

1. Review Scientific Method Handout and The Slowing Pace of Progress Article for the quiz tomorow.

2. Start lab 1 write-up (Sensation of Heat: Different Objects) writeup, through data/observations.

3. Start researching your alternative energy project - some articles to start you off here.

4. Think of a possible future technology that really would change the world.

Quiz tomorrow on Sci. Method and Slowing Pace of Progress Articles

May 11th

1. Read and understand the syllabus and get it signed by your parent/guardian and return it to me tomorrow.

2. Read, understand, and sign the safety procedures for the block and have your parent/guardian also sign it, and return it to me tomorrow.

3. Read "Think Like a Scientist"

Signed syllabus and safety sheet due tomorrow.


Main lesson book

  1. Cover Page with related drawing
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Lab 1: Sensation of Heat: Different Objects
  4. Lab 2: Ice-Melting Experiment
  5. Lab 3: Effects of Heat on Objects (Three parts: solids, liquids, and gases)
  6. Lab 4: How Heat Moves: Conduction, Convection and Radiation
  7. Lab 5: Metal Wand
  8. Lab 6: Temperature and Pressure - Absolute Zero
  9. Lab 7: Specific Heat
  10. Lab 8: Latent Heat


Email Mr. Miller: spiritself AT gmail DOT com