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Thermodynamics: The Physics of Heat
Mr. Miller

Safety Requirements

During this block, there will be experiments and demos that require a high level of safety awareness.  Students will work with Bunsen burners, hot plates, hot liquids, glass beakers, and other sensitive lab equipment that if mishandled can result in injury.

Students are required to explicitly follow all safety instructions, both written and verbal.

Taking “common sense” precautions will be generally sufficient for this block.  For example:
• tying back long hair when working with Bunsen burners
• wearing close-toed shoes
• wearing safety goggles when appropriate
• eliminating all ‘horseplay’ in lab situations
• being respectful of the equipment and treating it with care
• paying attention when moving around your equipment or other lab groups, etc. 

The basic rule is: use the equipment ONLY in the way explicitly specified in the lab instructions.  Any other use of lab equipment and materials constitutes neglect of lab safety requirements, even if done ‘innocently’.  If specific further precautions need to be taken they will be covered explicitly in class.

If a student neglects any of the safety requirements, then at my discretion the student will receive an “F” for the day’s participation, and will be prohibited from finishing the lab during class.


I, ________________________ (student’s signature) have read and agree to abide by the above safety requirements.

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I, _________________________ (parent’s signature) have read and understand the above safety requirements.

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