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Links to Alternative Energy articles and resources:

General: Special Report on Energy and Fuels - many articles, check it out!
Renewable enegy article at wikipedia (a great general resource and place to begin)
Energy development article at wikipedia (compares and contrasts many energies)
Sustainable energy article at wikipedia

Nuclear Power:

Wikipedia article
Nuclear Fuel Recycling Issues

Hydroelectric Power:

Wikipedia article

Biomass Energy:

Wikipedia article
Trash-based biofuels
Backyard Ethanol Brewers
Cloth-Eating Fungus Could Make Fuel
Self-digesting biofuel plants

Geothermal Power:

Wikipedia article

Tidal Power:

Wikipedia article

Solar Power:

Wikipedia article
A Solar Grand Plan
The Dark Side of Solar Cells Brightens
Nevada's Solar One plant, and its Wikipedia article

Wind Power:

Wikipedia article