Some Possible Electromagnetism Project Ideas:

Each of these projects requires you to research, design, and build something that utilizes electromagnetism.  Each project will require you to gather some simple materials: wire, magnets, batteries, pieces of metal or glass, wood for mounting, screws, nails, etc.  Use the internet to learn about each object and to find simple ways of building them.

These projects are not simple or easy to construct but are definitely possible to successfully construct in the given time period – provided that you work consistently and start early.

Your project idea must be approved by me no later than the first Thursday of the block.

Some possible projects, in no particular order – if you have your own idea for a project (be creative!), it must be cleared by me.

Build a Wimshurst Machine
Build a Van de Graaff Generator (not a soda-can based one, but something more substantial)
Build a Flashlight that works by cranking or pumping by hand (NOT with batteries)
Build a Tesla Coil
Build a Rail Gun
Build an FM Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Build a Guitar Amplifier
Build a Microphone
Build a Windmill that powers a small light
Build an Electroplating apparatus

… many other projects possible – check the web, do some searches, and let me know!

For example, a 'Radio Shack Special' - an FM receiver